mastication El Dorado Hills


mastication El Dorado Hills

Cal Fire

First, we have the heavy equipment to clear large fields of large and small vegetation including grass, brush, and trees.

Second, Cal Fire recommends everyone mow before 10 a.m. while grass is wet and never when windy.

Third, grass fires start for a number of reasons, but most commonly when a spinning blade strikes a rock.

Cal Fire has more information on large area abatement and fire safety here.

mastication El Dorado Hills

We Do Large area abatement the right way

Benuto Tree Service mows according to the guidelines set up by cal fire.

Mowing before 10 a.m., but never when windy or excessively dry.

Moreover, homeowners' lawnmowers are designed to mow lawns, not weeds or dry grass.

In contrast, Mastication tools are specifically designed for heavy-brush.

Spark Arresters

Not only ... but also, in wildland areas, spark arresters are required on all portable gasoline-powered equipment.

Correspondingly, this includes tractors, harvesters, chainsaws, weed-eaters, and mowers.

Furthermore, we keep the exhaust system, spark arresters, and mower in proper working order and free of carbon buildup.
Additionally, the recommended grade of fuel is used and not topped off.

Equipment Use

We have fire protection equipment on standby and keep a shovel and fire extinguisher ready to use when clearing vegetation.

As a matter of fact, we don’t drive our vehicles onto dry grass or brush.

Equally important, hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires that are difficult to see.

By the same token, communication with the owner and emergency services can be critical.

Correspondingly, Cal fire recommends that a cell phone be kept nearby and call 911 immediately in case of fire, so we do that too.


In like manner, to protect water quality, we do not clear vegetation near waterways to bare soil.

Vegetation removal can cause soil erosion, especially on steep slopes.

mastication El Dorado Hills