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Benuto Tree Services in El Dorado County, Nevada County and Plumas County.

El Dorado Hills mastication

El Dorado Hills mastication

Tree Mastication

Forestry mulching or mastication moves fuel for fires to the ground and that helps keep fires from climbing into the forest canopy. Plus, ground cover traps moisture and promotes the growth of old-growth trees.

Fire, Defensible Space

Choose Benuto Tree Service to get environmentally-friendly solutions that are long-lasting. Call us today to learn more about our competitive prices!

Large Area Abatement

We have the heavy equipment to clear large fields of large and small vegetation including grass, brush, and trees.

Tree Removal

Let us lay down a weed barrier for years to come that is not poisonous to your family and pets. Request your FREE estimate today!

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Isaac E.

Benuto Tree Service performed emergency tree removal several months ago on an Oak that had leaned onto our roof preventing any roof damage. Last week Benuto spent two days limbing the Oaks in the front and rear of our lot. The result was beautifully balanced trees free of dead wood, cross branching and suckers. His crew exercises the utmost in safety. Best of all, you never knew they were there after his team left for the day.



Richard E.

I would highly recommend Benuto Tree Service for any tree trimming, limbing, bracing and removal. They were on time, professional, polite, knowledgeable, careful with your property, and cleaned up after they were complete. My blue oak tree was inches from my roofline and they were able to address issues and maintain the trees weight balance with no threat to the structure. References for arborists are also able to be obtained if requested. Thanks again for the outstanding work and will continue to use this local business.



Darwin T.

Benuto Tree Service just completed a tree trimming project on our 0.72 acre landscaped lot. There were a variety of trees that needed work. They did an excellent job, on time, good price and very professional. Jesus, the owner, has an excellent crew and is very thorough. We highly recommend them. Darwin and Sandy ****** El Dorado Hills


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