We use our mastication & wood chipping service to reduce fire danger & erosion on land clearing projects.

Tree mastication is a forest fire risk reduction technique. In fact, by moving a fire's fuel load to the ground into a thick layer that holds moisture. Correspondingly, fires burn more slowly and don't climb as high. Furthermore, tree and forest mastication has doubled between 2008 and 2018 according to . As a matter of fact, in the past 5 to 10 years, the use of this technique has more than doubled as a tool to reduce wildfire hazards in the wildland/urban interface and at fire breaks in more remote forests.

mastication near me
mastication near me

Our machine is capable of chipping a 22-inch tree.

Tree, Forest, & Brush Mastication, are all names for the same process with the same advantages.
Relocating fire-fuel to the ground:

  • Reduces ladder fuels to moderate fire temperature and thus reduce fire risk to structures.
  • Allows easy ingress for emergency services and easy exit for you and your family in an emergency.
  • Reducing unfavorable brush and smaller trees, the remaining trees will enjoy the reduced competition for light and water.
  • Improves watershed function, more water becomes available to remaining trees longer as the ground now is better at retaining water.
  • The remaining trees will grow with more vitality and be more resilient to fire and drought.
  • This technique is vastly better for reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to controlled burns.
  • Creating the national park aesthetic is desirable for viewing wildlife and walking beneath the remaining trees.
mastication near me
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